Tiffany glass

This is a little cabinet that I´ve had for ages. At some point I painted it blue. Then I decided to store secret stuff in it and had to cover the glas windows. I used removable window paint for children, full of glitter, and made a theme of flying badgers. One side is night time, and the other day time. Of course, the flying badgers burrow in the clouds!

My first ever attempt to make something with Tiffany glass, some left over pieces and a flame that I made became a candle.

This is my first real attempt, replacing a broken glass in a lantern with a flower that I made.

Flower in the making.

This is the most advanced thing i made in glass so far. A badger looking at the moon.

A nativity scene in paper that I made many years ago.

A friend sent me this picture of a nativity scene in paper that she bought from me at a christmas market many years ago. Maybe I will be able to do something similar in glass one day!

A Dragon in paper from my days as a school teacher.

A Dragon in paper from my days as a school teacher.

A Dragon in paper from my days as a school teacher.

When I was little, we used to make paper lanterns in school. I would do very elaborate cut out patterns and was pretty pleased with that. Later I tried my hand with real glass and totally fell in love with the art of Tiffany glass. Some motives however are to complex to make out of glass, so I also experimented with plastic window paint for children. That is pretty fun as well, and it lasts longer then I thought it would. My little cabinet with flying badgers is at least 10 years old.