"Body Mash-up´s"

This is a paraphrase on Michelangelos Cleopatra. I loved the sketch when I first saw it, and her neck inspired me to twist it just a little bit more then usual...

Buttflex - 500 sek

Never give up

Never give up - 1300 sek

<(^o^)> - 600 sek

Getting wings - 500 sek

Playing with Fractals - Sold

Beauty-ful? - 2000 sek

First one - 800 sek

Teddyhund - 1500 sek

Starwars - 500 sek

En hög gravida - 1600 sek

Ronaldonia - 1500 sek

look out for Gunny - 500 sek

Ladysnake - 2000 sek

Looking back - 1500 sek

Krokiusar - 1700 sek

Behind the mask - 1700 sek

Isöderellerinorr - 1500 sek

Charlottenlök - 1400 sek


was just playing around, trying to find a motive to fit on the hood of a car, ended up being a bot more vulgar then anticipated, lo

The human body is beautiful! 
And wonderful to paint!
I love the human form! 
One day, I found one of my croquis lesson a bit boring, so I started mashing up body parts, and after that, I just could not stop! It was so much fun!
Sorry about the bad quality of some of the photos, it´s hard to get a good photo through glass.