About me

 Who´s Embla? Let me tell you!

A glittery soft ice cream that I made for a commercial for the local mall.

My life in short

I was born in May 1984 as the first of three children.
Me and my two younger sisters were brought up in a small town near Uppsala (in Sweden.)
I have always been painting and people have told me that i was rather good at it.
Going through school I did naturally choose the most estetic programs that i could find, and so I ended up going to a Steiner school.
After school I decided to make my interest in art a profession, so that I could make a living out of it, hopefully. So I became an arts teacher after three years of studying, living away from my family.
It was during those studies in Järna I discovered my passion for badgers, and I have been painting badgers ever since.
I worked as a teacher for some time, before I decided to go to another art school to get some more experience. That year, at Wiks Folkhögskola was one of the best years in my life!
After that I moved to Mjölby in the middle of Sweden, learning how to paint cars. It was so much fun and I got a lot of time for my artwork. 
Sadly, I became oversensitive to the paint, fumes  and dust, so I hade to give that up.
I got a job as an arts teacher at Josefinaskolan in Sigtuna, and there I stayed for about 5 years, doing different things. After a while I got really stressed and had a nervous brakedown and had to take some time of. Being a teacher in this day and age is not easy! I actually quit my job and moved in with my boyfriend in Jönköping - a compleatly different part of the country.
I had to do something else other then teatching, so I applied and got accepted to an apprentice education that I wanted. I graduated in december 2018 with top grades! I am now a fully educated prop maker!(attributmakare) My education took place at Smålands Musik och Teater, Spira, the biggest theatre in Småland.
I still work there on and of, but life is hard, and there is not easy to find work, so I do odd jobs and commissions all over the country.

I will also try to get my childrens book about Badgers done! Any day now...

In the summer I work with apple trees. Pruning and restauration of old trees mainly.  Trees are one of my true passions in life! 
So feel free to ask me about any apple related problems!
Last time I updated this information was in January 2020. In February I became pregnant, and in March the covid pandemic started. In November our lovely daughter Wynja was born!
She is now 2 years old and very headstrong! 
She takes up most of my time, my lovely little mini-person. 
Times are still hard and w e have to move to find jobs as my darling boyfriend has been let go from his job of 12 years and I can´t seam to get a real job at the theatre in Jönköping.
We struggle to find an appartment to trade with ours, but we´ll keep trying, aiming for Gothenburg, but who knows where we´ll end up. Only time will tell!
And that brings us pretty much up to date.
(1 November 2022)

My dreams for the future

I do so hope that I will find a permanent place at a nice theatre or opera house so we can settle down for good!
My dream for the future is still to live in the countryside, to be able to grow my own food and live "of grid" as much as possible. 
I want my daughter to be able to go to a nice Steiner school and I want to get my book published and get it translated to english as well!