"Smashed Pumpkin"

I love to create geometric forms

I love fractals and playing with repeating patterns in nature ^^

I drew this one while I was getting tattooed, to keep my mind off the pain

Also made a colour version ^^

A variation of the "Flower of Life"

This is an oil painting in green and gold. the middle represents 3 sisters, all decending from one sorse, wery much alike in many ways, yet, they grow in to 3 totally different, equally beautiful persons. It´s now the property of my mother, like in a way, my two sisters and I <3< h1>

Painted during a lekture about the indian tribes of the amazonas.

This beautiful picture, I gave to a beautiful little friend of mine. Her name is Manja, and she´s awesome,

Uv-paint, so much fun!

I get most of my inspiration from nature, the mathematical laws and fraktals on which all life is based. I love working with abstract shapes and patterns!!
Many of these drawings has been made while I was at different meetings and conferences. I tend to listen better when I draw....