Fake food

A beautiful fruit tray, assembled by me from "Romeo and Juliet".

Some chicken, arranged by me for "Romeo and Juliet".

A fake cup of coffee, does not spill! For the play "Strawberry Fields". Made form scratch.

Party Drinks for "Jul hos Sanna-Maria". Made from scratch,

A breakfast tray for "Strawberry Fields", patinated my me.

A swan for the masquerade ball in "Romeo and Juliet". Assembled by me, with old fashion paper flowers that I pimped out with gold.

Canapés for "Romeo and Juliet" made from scratch.

A tray of sea food, assembled by me. I did make the shrimps myself out of packing styrofoam, you know, the shrimp-shaped ones.

Luxury Ice cream for the show "Helga kastar lasso", made by me.

A huge piece of candy for the show "Karius och Baktus". Made from scratch.

Two Pineapples for a children's produktion of "the Jungle book". They needed to be soft, so they could be thrown between the kids without any injuries, so I made them from scratch out of madrass foam.

I´m getting quite good at fake drinks! This is some Champagne for the wedding scene in "Les Misérables".

A bowl of fruit for the masquerade ball in "Romeo and Juliet".

My favourite rainbow glitter soft ice cream! Made from scratch for a commercial.

A huge piece of Carneval cookie for the show "Karius och Baktus" at Wasa teater in Finland. These cookies are apparently very popular with the Finnish children. Also made from scratch.

I made some bottles of soda pop for "On the Town". It was quite a challenge to get the straw to stay in the right place while the liquid got solide...

This pasty (piråg) was made for the show "De fantastiska". I sculpted it and made it in latex. Every show, it got filled with some red goo that would stick on to the butt of the actress who sat on it. plenty of fun was had!

In theatre, you often prefer to use fake food, as long as no one have to eat it. It is much easier to handle.
Fake food is a job for the propmaker aka me!
We often buy fake fruits, vegetables and such and just put them together in a nice way, but sometimes we also make fake food from scratch.