Clothes and textile

Me in one of my first medieval outfits. The black and green skirt and top and the badger bag, with a real badger pelt.

Here you can kind of see my green cloak, and my white petticoat and a brown gown.

This is one of my latest creations. A green petticoat with a black and green dress over, embroidered with a green string and a badger. Our Clan´s emblem and colours.

I have made several of these embroidered badgers for our Clan, "Badgers of the North". The green yarn is hand coloured by my students in 3d grade, witch is something that it is customary to do at that age in a Steiner School.

Here is Helena, proudly holding the Clan standard. For this I mainly used plaid and glue, and then made some hand stitching on top of it to make it look more authentic

Some improvements on the clan crest

Clan crest of Badgers of the north.

Me and my darling boyfriend in our medieval gear. I´ve added an embroided badger on my top.

This golden dress with black roses was also made for the medieval festival, but I think I only wore it once, so I ended up selling it to a beautiful lady who took it and wore it at the famous festival in Venice!!

Close up of my white petticoat, brown dress and my home made woollen dreads. I´m holding a little dragon that I made for fun. It was much fun and I still have the pattern and will make more! This one got sold tho.

My boyfriend, posing in the tunic and hat that I made for him.

Close up of the hat with black linnen, green silk, an embroided pattern and a feather and brooche.

This is my winter coat. I decorated it with reflecting fabric. The pattern on my chest is borrowed from a Nightwish-poster. The ones on the sleeves and back is my own design. I love making interlace patterns!

I used to be married, (past tense!) and this is my wedding dress that i made myself. Its made in raw silk, off-white and 3 shades of green. I hade good guidens form one of my godmothers who´s a fashion designer, amongst other things.

This is one of my dance gears. I´ve made some alterations to the top, to show off the shoulders. I´ve made the bra and added the golden stuff on the skirt.

I made several skirts like this one, to be used when we danced in the Pride Parade in Stockholm, They were a huge success! I still hav one extra for sale somewhere. One of them moved to a dancer in England.

This is the pride rainbow skirt in action, in my parents beautiful garden!

This is the first coin bra that I made. I loved it and used it in some carnivals, then I felt for some change so I sold it to a dancing friend of mine and started to make myself a new one.

My white bra with shells, pearls and little mirrors. It took me most f the summer to get all the stuff sewed on there. (It´s for sale!)

Close up of the white bra. every single mirror is sewn on by hand, surrounded by hundreds of tiny stitches.

Close up of the white bra. every shell and pearl is sewn on by hand. I have used old broken necklaces to get the pearls, and the shells comes from things you use to hang your flower pots in.

My favourite bra. I use jewellery that i find in second hand shops mostly, but this bra also has a lot of old military emblems on it, and some buttons.

Close up of the black and brass bra. you can see the military emblems, representing the air defence and the Artillery of the Swedish military.

Close up of the black and brass bra. I have also used an old rosary, and some buttons and other jewellery that I found in the second hand shops.

This is still a work in progress. It´s based on a necklaces that my neighbour gave me, and I´ve added some copper coins and some blue shell details.

A work in progress. one of the cups are done tho. Sometimes, you kind of need a bra with silver, and since I sold my old one, I started making a new. The theme is Silver and turquoise! The big round things are from som earrings that I fot from the second hand store.

I made this coin bra for a friend of mine.

This is a sort of a shawl that we dancers wear on our hips to make it wiggle more whrn we dance. For this one, I used a print from an old t-shirt of mine, and some glittery yarn for decorations and tassels.

This hip shawl I made from some pink and orange fabric and an old second hand lace curtain. you can turn it and wear it either way. I also added som tassels made of multicoloured yarn. Took a lot of hand stitching to get all the lace in place.

I made this sparkly sign to use in parades and carnivals where we dance!

This is a pen case that I made when I was an assistent in class 4 at the Steiner school. All the kids make one of these with cross stitches. every kid makes their own, mirroring design using 3 colours. (teachers get to use 4 ;) ) It is a long and rewording process.

This is my dolls. The little one was made by my mum for my graduation. It looks like me in my dress and all. I made the big one while I taught the kids in class 6 to do the same. A tricky process, but the dolls are soft and beautiful. no plastics, only fabrik and wool.

This is the dress that I wore for my high school examination. I made it myself during the classes we had in textile. These pictures are taken years later, by my dear friend Tomas.

This is a pair of lace knitted wrist warmers that I made during a christmas break years ago. It´s so cosy to be knitting by the fireplace.

I was given a black cloak by my mother in law, and I decided to do some embroidering on it.

I was given a black cloak by my mother in law, and I decided to do some embroidering on it.

I was given a black cloak by my mother in law, and I decided to do some embroidering on it. The pattern is based on an old viking trinket, portraying a cat.

The cat design arouund the neck of my cloak.

This is the first medieval dress I ever made, back in 2003

I decided I needed some viking style winter clothes and made myself a hat and jacket.

Close up of the fluffy hat.

I decided I needed some viking style winter clothes and made myself a hat and jacket. (also wearing one of my medieval skirts, not a perfekt fit, but still)

A beautiful skirt that I made for Juliet in the masquerade scene in Romeo and Juliet

A beautiful skirt that I made for Juliet in the masquerade scene in Romeo and Juliet

Julia and her flower skirt made the front page in the lokal news paper.

The embroidery I made on my viking petticoat, with a fancy braid that I made whil brestfeeding my daughter.

My viking outfit where I made both dresses with embroidery, the badger brooches and the leather bag.

The embroidery for my daughters viking dress.

My daugther Wynja in her viking dress at about 7 months old. I´ve made her dress, her shirt and her brooches.

Me and my daughter in our viking outfits.

Wynja in her viking dress and linnen petticoat. She´s about 21 months old.

My man and daughter at Visby medieval week. I´v made his hat, shirt and bag, and her dress, shirt and shooes.

Me and my daughter with matching outfits made in linnen with embroided badgers.

Wynja in her cloak and hood on a rainy day. She´s about 22 months old.

A bag that I pimped out for Rakel Molin in Sommarnattens Leende.

A hat that I decorated for Lia Boysen in Sommarnattens Leende.

I love sewing, especially clothes!
I have always had an interest for the medieval times, and the fashion of that era. Me and my friends go to a medieval festival every summer for a week, dress up and have fun!
I´m also a dancer, and in the specifik type of dance that I do, called American Tribal Style, we often make up our own costumes and coin bra´s.